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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

KDB Cup 2016 launched

KVE Drongen and Kevin De Bruyne organize their first international football tournament U15. It will take place on May 21st and 22nd, 2016 on the KVE Drongen football grounds. 12 domestic and international teams participate and compete to win the KDB Cup Trophy.

The Belgian international’s football career started off in Drongen, where he was raised. De Bruyne started playing as a 6 year old for KVV Drongen football club, the current KVE Drongen. His great talent and extraordinary football skills were noticed quickly. Two years after his very first football training De Bruyne transferred to KAA Gent, to eventually fulfill his career in Belgium at KRC Genk. His proclaimed talents in Belgian football competition soon dazzled football fans abroad as De Bruyne played for Chelsea FC, Werder Bremen and VFL Wolfsburg. In August De Bruyne signed a monster deal with Manchester City, his current club. With the deal, De Bruyne became the most expensive Belgian football player in history.
And, despite the staggering amounts of money he earns, his world fame and enormous popularity, De Bruyne always remains the modest, and down to earth boy next door. Without any doubt he agreed on supporting an international tournament organized in his hometown by his very first club KVE Drongen.
Kevin: "I always cared about children, and I get even more involved now as I will become a father soon. Therefore it is with great honour I support this high level tournament bearing my name.”
The connection is even stronger since De Bruyne’s parents and sister still live in Drongen. The football grounds of KVE Drongen are, so to speak, in their backyard. De Bruyne’s parents and management fully support and contribute to the KDB Cup.

Participating teams

No expenses were saved to gather international teams for the very first edition of the KDB Cup. 12 U15 elite teams from 8 different countries will participate. Some of them are even ex-clubs of De Bruyne.

• Austria Wien
• AZ Alkmaar
• Bayer 04 Leverkusen
• Benfica Lisbon
• Club Brugge KV
• Everton FC
• FC Barcelona
• FC Basel
• KAA Gent
• KRC Genk
• Tottenham Hotspur FC
• VFL Wolfsburg

Spectators might discover a new Messi, Neuer or De Bruyne to be. Most certainly some of the attending young and gifted players will have bright and international football careers later. International football scouts are expected to make their appearence on the KDB Cup.


It is the first time an international football event this size is organized in Ghent. The city council immediately engaged in the organisation of the KDB Cup. Counselor of Sports Resul Tapmaz "The city of Ghent believes in the power of the youth football and wants to stimulate its growth in the future. Along with KAA Gent the city founded the project ‘Every Talent Counts’. With this unique collaboration of 12 local youth clubs the city aims to challenge youngsters both physically and socially. The Kevin De Bruyne Cup is Ghent’s first international high level youth tournament. It eemphasizes the city’s ambitions with youth football in Ghent."
Therefore, the city of Ghent fully supports this brand new youth tournament.

Flemish government

The Flemish government is very fond of promoting sports events such as the KDB Cup and also supports the tournament financially. Flemish Minister of Sports Philippe Muyters: "Initiatives such as KDB Cup fit in the broad range of sports the government wants to promote in Flanders. They give youngsters the opportunity to compete with their national and international peers. This experience will without any doubt affect their further development, most certainly when playing for a home crowd. Welcoming international teams in Flanders, with the support of national and international football star Kevin De Bruyne contributes to the reputation of sports and sports politics in Flanders."

KVE Drongen

The Kevin De Bruyne Cup is an initiative of KVE Drongen, a small football club in East Flanders now playing in the provincial division. The idea for the tournament arose one year ago when 275 members of KVE Drongen went to Lille to support their hero Kevin De Bruyne in the Europa League game Lille OSC - VFL Wolfsburg.
Organizer Paul Naudts of KVE Drongen "The unity we saw then made us long for more. Back then I started to dream to get Kevin De Bruyne here, at KVE Drongen. But, due to his international status and his busy schedule, I was forced to adjust my dreams a bit. Whenever De Bruyne is in Drongen, which happens rarely, he prefers to spend his time with his family so he has too little time to spend at the club. But, that dream triggered a new idea. Let’s try to bring high level youth football to Drongen, as a symbolic tribute to Kevin De Bruyne for whom it all started here, at these football grounds. We never expected Kevin De Bruyne to almost instantly agree on supporting an international youth tournament in Drongen bearing his name. Apparently De Bruyne has never forgotten where he came from.”
The competitors in the tournament are all international acclaimed football clubs. The level of the KDB Cup is very high. Also the location of the cup, complex De Keiskant in Drongen, is suitable to host a prestigious tournament. And, to make sure everything will be perfect, the city of Ghent has committed to optimize the playing grounds in the coming months. KVE Drongen has almost 470 members, including more than 380 youth players. Plenty of helping hands (and feet), to organize a high quality tournament.

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These coming months the KDB Cup will not get unnoticed. The event will be announced and both off- and online. In addition to the brand new website, the Cup KDB will also use social media feeds to give you new information on short notice. Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/kdbcup and follow us on Twitter kvedrongen, using the hashtag #kdbcup. On top of our official communication, it might be worthwhile to follow Kevin De Bruyne himself as he will occasionally comment and share information regarding his tournament.