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Monday, 26 March 2018

Bram Van Driessche referee on the star match

We like to keep our word at the KDB Cup. For example, this morning we got the message from Bram Van Driessche that he will be staging the star competition with a strict but righteous hand this coming Friday.

Van Driessche is due to the injury of Sébastien Delferière the referee to keep an eye on during the PO1 of 1A, because the former player of KVV Sint-Denijs, together with Lawrence Visser and Bart Vertenten, is seen as one of the upcoming talents with our refs, who have been working on a semi-professional basis in the Jupiler Pro League since this season.

At the KDB Cup we are very happy with his commitment, after he finished the international top matches at the U15 flawlessly and correctly at the last edition.

Bram will be assisted during the star match by Jo De Weirdt and Kevin Monteny. It will be a happy reunion because all three of them were already active at KDB Cup.