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KDB Cup is an international youth tournament U15, to which Kevin De Bruyne connects his name. The tournament was organized for the first time in 2016. From the beginning, a high-quality tournament was set up, where one could see the football talents of the future at work. Many of these young talents then moved on to the A-core of their club or are among the most coveted young players in Europe such as Umaro Embola from Benfica (named best player at KDB Cup in 2016), Moriba Kourouma from FC Barcelona (best player in 2017) and Jérémy Doku from RSC Anderlecht.

Although the KDB Cup was only organized for the first time in 2016, it is already among the top in European youth tournaments. Domestic and foreign clubs praise the high-quality level at the organizational level. No wonder that KDB Cup receives requests from clubs from all continents such as Japan, Russia and Brazil. Well-known players such as Gunther Schepens, Tim Smolders, Tomasz Radzinski and Tine De Caigny are happy to take a look at the Cup. Even Pep Guardiola, the success coach of Manchester City, flew over to see the talents with his own eyes.

The KDB Cup is a sporting event for young and old!


Kevin De Bruyne is a purebred Drongenaar, born on June 28th, 1991. Mama Anne, dad Herwig and sister Stefanie are undoubtedly his biggest supporters. Kevin started his football career as a 6-year-old at KVV Drongen - the current KVE Drongen. Kevin was soon noticed and soon became a natural talent. After two nice football years nearby the Leie in Drongen, he moved to KAA Ghent, followed by KRC Genk in Belgium. From there he went abroad at a rapid pace: Chelsea FC, Werder Bremen, VFL Wolfsburg and Manchester City FC, where at the end of August 2015, at the age of 24, he signed a monster contract and immediately became the most expensive Belgian footballer ever. Meanwhile, he also became one of the best Red Devils, for which he celebrated his debut in 2010.

Kevin is right-footed and, like his all-time favorite Zinédine Zidane, an attacking midfielder. Kevin gave 27 assists during his season at VFL Wolfsburg and thus earned the nickname 'assistant king'. After winning the German Cup, he was also named Bundesliga player and footballer of the year. He also got noticed at Manchester City. He won the 'Premier League Playmaker of the Year' award, was in the 'PFA Team of the Year' and in 2017 also won the prize for best player of the season at Manchester City.

Despite that Kevin belongs to the world top, he still remains the boy of Drongen. Together with KVE Drongen, the team where it all started for him, he set up the KDB Cup. KVE Drongen, formerly KVV Drongen, has been the merger club between FC Baarle, VK Luchteren and KVV Drongen since 2003. With more than 500 members, of which more than 400 youth players, KVE Drongen takes part with 30 teams in the regional and provincial competitions of East Flanders. The first team plays in the 1st provincial. Drongen also has a women's team. A solid youth work and good training programs ensure the perfect football training under the guidance of experienced trainers and a lot of enthusiastic volunteers. KVE Drongen is housed in the Keiskant Complex, a beautifully developed site with football pitches, 2 of which are in artificial grass, well-kept changing rooms and a beautiful canteen. Blue-blue are the colors of the club.

We are Drongen!

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