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Kevin De Bruyne

Born on June 28th, 1991, Kevin De Bruyne is a Drongen thoroughbred. Without any doubt, one can say that his mom Anne, his dad Herwig and his sister Stefanie are his biggest fans. Kevin started his career when he was six, playing for KVV Drongen, nowadays known as KVE Drongen. His talent was spotted quickly, he turned out to have a natural talent for the game. After only two years he moved to KAA Gent. In Belgium he also played for KRC Genk. After that,his career moved uphill extremely quickly. This is when he started playing for clubs abroad: Chelsea FC, Werder Bremen, VFL Wolfsburg and Manchester City. This last club is where he signed a monster deal at the end of August, being only 24 year old. This makes him the most expensive Belgian player ever. In the meantime he has also become one of the best Red Devils, the Belgian national team where he made his debut in 2010. During the World Championship in Brazil he often played a decisive role in the game. Kevin is right footed, and just like his all time favourite Zinedine Zidane, he is an attacking midfielder. Thanks to his 27 assists in one season at Wolfsburg Kevin got the nickname ‘King of the assists’. After his team won the Cup in Germany, he was elected Bundesliga player and footballer of the year. Kevin and his girlfriend Michèle welcomed their first child in March 2016: Mason Milian. Will he pass his love for chips, gaming R&B and hiphop on to his little son? If not, hopefully he will pass on his football talent, because that would mean that us, football lovers, have a lot to look forward to in the next decades.

KVE Drongen

KVE Drongen, which used to be known as KVV Drongen, has been the fusion of three other clubs – Baarle, Luchteren and Drongen – since 2003. With its 468 members – of which 383 youth players – KVE Drongen participates with about 30 teams in the regional and provincial competition of East Flanders. The first team plays in the first provincial league. Drongen also has a ladies team. Its decent youth and training program guarantees the perfect football education. Our players are guided by experienced football trainers and a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. KVE Drongen has its buildings at the Keiskant Complex, a beautifully equipped site with three football grounds, one pitch made of artificial grass, eight dressing rooms and a nice canteen. The club colours are blue and blue.

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