What do you need to become a top player?

During an interesting panel discussion with Hannes Van der Bruggen, Herman Brusselmans, Jan Van Troos and Joric Vandendriessche, youth football was dissected. Led by VRT sports journalist Tom Boudeweel, the speakers gave their opinion on youth football and how easy or difficult it is for young players to grow into the A-core.

According to Joric Vandendriessche, national coach U15 national team and soon to be employed by SV Zulte Waregem, as a young player one must above all remain humble and work hard. Whoever focuses and thinks about football has a good profile. Kevin De Bruyne was such a person,' says Joric Vandendriessche. Jan Van Troos had seen for a long time that Kevin would develop into a top player. It was he who discovered Kevin.
Hannes Van der Bruggen, top player at KV Kortrijk, knows what it's like to be a youngster who gets through to the A-team. After the draw, he was a bit jealous of the U15 participants of the KDB Cup. I wish I was 15 again so I could participate in the KDB Cup," said Hannes Van der Bruggen.

The player is a big fan of writer Herman Brusselmans, who happens to be one of the speakers. In his younger years, the writer was a talented player and played for VW Hamme and Lokeren. He chose a literary career over football. Brusselmans was already impressed by the KDB Cup and in his column in the newspaper he called it a 'splendid tournament' and he promises to come, together with Joric Vandendriessche, Jan Van Troos and Hannes Van der Bruggen.