Improve the reaction speed of your players with Ledsreact

Do you want to improve the reaction speed and coordination of your players? The new partner of KDB Cup, Ledsreact, has the right tools for this. They can be used in the daily training of young people, so they are even more challenged and it becomes even more attractive for them.

All clubs can test the Ledsreact equipment free of charge during the KDB Cup with their trainers and/or coordinators. Your own players can try out the equipment under the guidance of professionals. In this way you can experience the added value of this equipment for yourself. The Ledsreact managers provide more information about the price and follow-up on site. And for the quick deciders, Ledsreact offers a discount of 10%, especially for the cooperation with KDB Cup.

As KDB Cup, we strongly believe in the progress and modernization of youth football. And we believe that this can contribute to modern new sporting challenges and can lead to better results for the players. So come and try out the tools of Ledsreact during the KDB Cup. More information: www.ledsreact.be