Demo matches G-football

Besides the European stars, a number of G-teams also have their place at the KDB Cup. For the third year in a row, demonstration matches will be organised on Saturday afternoon for disabled children and adults. Using adapted rules, they too can play their favourite sport in a club context.

"At the KDB Cup, the experience of football for young and old always comes first, both on and off the field"KDB Cup chairman Paul Naudts is happy to explain his vision. "We are trying to bring together the different aspects. Therefore, in addition to top football by possible future football stars, we are also thinking about G football and the women, where the passion of the performers on the field is just as great." Former judoka Gella Vandecaveyeas meter of G-Marke, and Miss Belgium 2019 Elena Castro Suarez will kick off on Saturday at 12.30pm at the showdown between G-football Marke against G-Jago Sint-Amandsbergwhile G-Cercle Brugge party indicates G-Ajax Amsterdam.

The own U15 players of KVE Drongen will also get a chance to delight their family and friends with their tricks. On Saturday at 12.30 pm there is the clash against the peers of the KAA Gent Ladieswhile from 6.30pm onwards they can compete with the U14 boys from KAA Gent.

Overview extra matches:
- G-football demo with G-Marke vs G-Jago Sint-Amandsberg
- G-football demo with G-Cercle Brugge vs G-Ajax Amsterdam
- GU-15 KVE Drongen - U-15 KAA Gent Ladies
- PU-15 KVE Drongen - KAA Gent U-14 Elite