Well-known BVs at KDB Cup

In addition to Kevin De Bruyne also came Red Flame Tessa Wullaert to Drongen. The two-time Golden Boot champion De Bruyne joined Manchester City last season and promptly took the FA Cup. She was happy to make time for a photo and autograph session with the fans.

Federal coach Roberto Martínez came to the KDB Cup for the first time, both on Saturday and Sunday. "This is really a tournament that Belgium can be proud of: perfectly organized down to the last detail, from the care for the experience by the fans to the state of the grass. For me personally it is a unique opportunity to see young Belgian talent at work against peers from abroad and be able to compare. But especially for the players themselves, tasting such an intense experience is very instructive. An excellent thing for the future of our football."

World keeper of the year 1987 Jean-Marie Pfaff was also one of the notable guests at the KDB Cup. Mister El Sympatico himself felt at home among all that young football. He welcomed a number of promises from different countries, such as Josh Clarke of Chelsea FC, best goalkeeper KDB Cup 2019.

G-football at the KDB Cup too: "Heart-warming passion".
Just like Kevin himself, the KDB Cup has a big heart for disabled athletes. That's why G-football demonstration matches were organised again on Saturday afternoon. "At the KDB Cup, the experience always comes first, both on and off the field," says KDB Cup Chairman Paul Naudts. "That's why we also give children and adults with disabilities the chance to shine during our tournament. The passion with which they play football is heartwarming."

That is clearly the opinion of former judoka Gella Vandecaveyewho is a G-Marke godmother, and Miss Belgium 2019. Elena Castro Suarez: They came by on Saturday to kick off the match between G-football Marke and G-Jago Sint-Amandsberg. G-Cercle Brugge played against G-Ajax Amsterdam.

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