U15 KVE Drongen lose honourably against U14 KMSK Deinze: "Proud of the boys"

After the BV match on Friday evening 9 June 2023, the day before the sixth edition of the KDB Cup, the U15 of home team KVE Drongen were still in the (artificial grass) field against the U14 of KMSK Deinze. The Drongen youngsters lost 2-6, but despite this, coach Michaël Meirlaen was proud of his players' performance.

"We often played with guys between the lines who are not used to playing football with each other. Then automatisms are lacking. Nevertheless, the first two quarters went evenly, against an Elite B team that is not obvious. In the third quarter, I switched from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3 formation. So we started playing more attacking, took more risk and paid cash for it. When we played 4-3-3 again in the fourth quarter, we didn't swallow another goal. So things like that you learn from games like this. But at least as important: the boys enjoyed the fact that they got to play at the KDB Cup in front of so many people. I am proud of them."