KDB Cup donates almost 4,000 euros to the non-profit organization Akibu

Nothing but beaming faces on the sun-drenched Keiskant complex in Drongen, as VRT face Aster Nzeyimana travelled with his parents to the grounds of the brand new national KVE. A first, just like the fact that KDB Cup chairman Paul Naudts was able to give the Nzeyimana family some happy news.

In consultation with the other captains Christophe Stienlet, Erik Van Looy and Piet den Boer it was agreed that the proceeds of the BV tournament, which was held on Friday, May 27, as the start of the three-day event to celebrate the fifth anniversary, would go to a charity to be chosen. Unanimously the choice fell on the non-profit organization Akibu (www.akibu.org), where the parents of Aster Nzeyimana in Rubuga are building a health center in the north of Burundi.

The KDB Cup is more than just a youth tournament for the best talents in Europe,' explains Paul Naudts. In addition to our focus on G-football, we also wanted to keep our promise to the non-profit organizations Akibu and Aster. The full amount of 3,900.80 euros will therefore be paid into the account of the non-profit organization Akibu.

A big smile put this gesture on the face of Aster Nzeyimana and his parents. 'We are really super happy with this amount,' claimed the former youth player of Eendracht Zele and Eendracht Aalst. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference this sum makes to the non-profit organization. In that province, where my dad comes from, there is no water, hardly any electricity and no basic health care. The people there are very poor. With this money we can really take the necessary next steps.'